The well-constructed and argumentative position paper of civil society on inclusive peace process have been developed by Mr. Khudadad Bisharat, the founder of DelEx. This position paper on inclusion of Afghan non-dominant minorities in the peace process have drafted in close consultation with 130 representatives from non-dominant minorities, government officials, civil society and other peace stakeholders from different provinces Afghanistan through 3 days’ consecutive events conducted by Afghanistan Human Rights and Eradication of Violence and Afghan Human Rights and Civil Society Networks, 11-13 December 2020 in Kabul Afghanistan.

In this gathering, the key concerns, needs, and priorities for the inclusive peace against a backdrop of the exclusion of non-dominant minorities from national political representation, peace process and fair socio-economic development, have been identified and well-discussed. Some of these points include: the development of an inclusive national identity, governance system that fits in the context of the nation of minorities, cultural diversity, plural identities, and particularly re-establishment of political authority. The key findings were categories in three main areas along with 12 concrete suggestions with focus on asking Afghan government to move beyond an elite-led structure and ensure nation-wide legitimacy and engage people from all different groups in the peace process.

Published On: December 17, 2020 / Categories: Research & Policy Analysis /