Today’s global economy and digital era have created a competitive landscape where change and uncertainty are the new norms for both state and non-state organizations. DELEX brings together highly skilled experts and professional consultants who specialize in economic development, research, project management professional, entrepreneurship, business development, gender studies, sustainable development, and policy economy in order to ensure that changes are run smoothly and yield long-lasting benefits. More importantly, DELEX developed the first digital labor platform in Afghanistan to bring together local and international expertise to help your business realize its full potentials. We always bring expertise and plan for transformation by making organization-wide changes, empirically grounded research tailored to the context and specific needs for development solutions.

DELEX has a unique advantage of a network of technical experts across the world who share the common goals of offering the highest quality services, at reasonable costs and with high technical excellence. Moreover, our experts come from a wide range of academic backgrounds and professional experiences with distinguished academic institutions, leading private and public sectors, UN agencies, and international organizations. We are committed to strive and remain ahead of sectoral trends to ensure we can effectively address even the most unique or complex set of needs. Our transformative efforts revolve around the need to generate new value- to unlock new opportunities, to drive growth, and ensure greater impact. Our core strategy is to get your business from where you are to where you will need to be in the future, and at the same time support your organization to become stronger, more profitable, and better equipped to face current and future challenges. The following are our competitive advantages:

  • Unique platform and flexible job model;
  • A wide international network of experts;
  • Team dynamics that lead to an improved result, greater collaboration, faster decision-making, and greater commitment of all members by feeling more valued;
  • Apply innovative methods for leading businesses to the best practices, model, and evolution;
  • An opportunity for a collective sense of teamwork for greater impact within a complex context and competitive circumstances;
  • Strong exposure to cross-cultural communication, integration of different experts, and sharing of one’s ideas and perspectives for being part of the regional and global market; and
  • Connect to wider institutional networks to unleash the potential for creativity, productivity, and effectiveness.