Innovative Development Solution

We’re a reliable partner to provide an innovative approach to identify the most effective and enduring solutions through using a variety of brand strategies, interactive method, and context-specific services for creating greater impact as following:

Innovative Development Solution

The focus of our services is to promote people-centered development approaches and provide clients with high quality advice and field-based solutions in all stages of business development. We incorporate key values, features and determinants of a people-centric approach in every development project we design. For this end, our experts come from a variety of academic and professional fields ranging from development economics to enterprise development, development anthropology, business strategic management, and market development, amongst other fields. We are committed to improving people’s lives through providing nuanced and context-specific technical development assistance and delivering tailored and integrated development solution in several development intervention areas:

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  • End poverty, ensure social inclusion, promote good health and well-being, increase gender equality, women’s empowerment, and provide access to clean water.

Sustainable development

It attempts to establish equilibrium between economic development, environmental and social needs to ensure growth, steady development and prosperity not only for present but also for future generations. The services we offer focus on a long-term and integrated approach to the development, policy formulation, capacity building and innovative development program design.

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  • People-centric economic development

Agriculture, livelihood and workforce integration

It aims to enhance the livelihood of families and farmers by improving their farming and irrigation practices, overall production, and marketing capacities by assisting their access and integration into agricultural supply chains. At the heart of this approach is provision of support to integration of marginalized groups such as refugees, youth, disabled and women into a people-centric economic development approach.

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  • Democratic and institutional reform

Develop brand strategies, data-driven policies & institutional capacity

We partner to strengthen and improve government performance by offering technical assistance in the area of data-driven policy development, institutional reform, strategic planning, program evaluation and building institutional capacity to public organizations;

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  • Peace & post conflict recovery

Conflict analysis & resolution, social inclusion, aid effectiveness and security

Within this unit, we produce conflict analysis and conflict assessment, drawing on a broad range of conceptual and methodological tools, to identify factors that could mitigate an escalating conflict. Post conflict countries typically emerge from war with a legacy of chronic poverty, security challenges, rampant corruption, poor economic policies, institutional breakdown and foreign aid dependency. Thus, we provide technical assistance to address aid effectiveness, security and conflict resolution and development economic policies that can reduce the risks of further conflicts with focus on skill-building, education reforms, institution building and political, social and economic reconstruction.

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  • Business development

Policy review, strategic planning, Productivity and Quality,

It helps unlock the potentials of private businesses in growing competitive business environment by advising business on how to maximize their local supply, increase business ‘productivity and quality and ultimately create business profits. We provide an integrated package of services including capacity development, economic & policy analysis strategic planning, program design and implementation, performance monitoring and evaluation;

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  • Entrepreneurship

Business innovation, creativity, financial sustainability & empowerment

We endeavor to support to high-impact entrepreneurs and capitalize on a vibrant and self-sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystems by designing capacity building, developing strategies, planning implementation to generate greater impact and creating high impact.

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