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If you’re ready to do more than you can imagine, take a bold decision towards DELEX and join us in building dreams, inspiring, and being part of the innovative supplier of online consultancy services with timing flexibility and create impact together. We are also open to provide both legal and administrative support to your own project idea to be explored, developed, implemented, and successfully accomplished. The below are brief advantages:

A Platform for National and International Experts
DELEX brings different technical knowledge together to furnish a wide variety of competencies and make use of all potential skills to create and provide valuable services that are rarely achieved by just one person. The platform will create an enabling environment for you to work as a stronger group with greater impact, surrounded by experts’ teams from different backgrounds who can challenge you, support you and inspire you to be extraordinary.

An Opportunity for Freelancing Consultancy
With the advent of rapid digitalization, a wide range of transformative approaches haven’t only adopted to the economic sector, but it has also generated new opportunities for experts in new emerging markets that didn’t exist previously. DELEX has been established to provide outsourcing consultancy services to Ph.D. scholars, researchers, consultants, development professionals, and other experts, both national and international level without conventional office commitment.

Creating Impact Together
DELEX will take pride in being a part of your future, a partner of your both career development and business, paving your path to success and eventually creating impact together. Freelancing consultancy services offers numerous advantages to all of us, including the freedom to choose clients, explore opportunities within the established networks, offer consultancy projects you most interested in, access to a national, regional, and global market, and flexibility over the location you live in, enjoy both legal and administrative supports at DELEX, get what you dream and lead our dream idea to evolution together.

Connecting to Wider Institutional Network
DELEX creates a unique opportunity to be part of a wider network of experts and state and non-state institutions. Making learning exposure to different stakeholders to adopt a new perspective and enjoy a wide spectrum of developmental opinions and modalities at this platform. Together, we consolidate knowledge, diversify professional experience, build a new dream, reach a new height, and finally provide grounded consultation with analysis, solutions, and results.

Your Vision, our Mission, and Mutual Benefit
The platform generates an atmosphere for your vision to be further explored and turn into a joint mission with collective efforts for business evolution. Let’s avoid long and frustrating hours of administrative work, instead, join us in this new consultation services/platform and move towards the path of popular career options with a new and flexible source of income that fits into the most-suited options for all of us.

If you’d like to reach your full potentials, start communication and we’ll show you what’s next.

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