Organizational Development

We’re a reliable partner to provide an innovative approach to identify the most effective and enduring solutions through using a variety of brand strategies, interactive method, and context-specific services for creating greater impact as following:

In today’s fast-evolving business world, organizations need to take a proactive approach to adapt to rapid changes, brace up for constant innovation, and to be able to meet the growing demands of current competitive business environment. Our strategy is centered around undertaking a thorough organizational assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses before we recommend any tailor-made and customized interventions.

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  • From Project Idea to Proposal

Project Development

We believe that project ideas usually come from the context-specific problems/needs for the aim of solving and exploring investment opportunities. We facilitate to make multidisciplinary work environment as first step in the whole process of project development and secondly make realistic assessments of what the organization can do? We invite the right people, sit together, have internally interactive brainstorming and consultation with relevant stakeholders and beneficiaries. As a result, innovative project ideas and proposal will come true. The key success lies in getting in the right project planning in the right time for people who are in need of.

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  •  Administrative Policy Guidelines

Administrative Development

Efficient and concise administrative policies can greatly influence the success of business and organizational together. Since, they promote a positive, safe and productive work environment for both administration and staffs to be on the same page by creating uniformity across departments, procedures and culture.

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  • Capacity-building

Human Resource Development

It addresses to provide capacity building support to employees of a client organizations and bring about desired changes in their technical capabilities, knowledge, competency and professional skills in order to be able to successfully carry out their respective line of works. The courses we are offering, consist of a wide range of learning and capacity building programs including training and education on leadership, executive management, strategic planning, finance and administrative management, strategic communication, report writing, research and research surveys.

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  • Project Feasibility Study

Assessment of Plan, Management & Execution

Project feasibility studies looks at the viability of the project concept, the capabilities of the organization that implements the project and the context and environment in which the project is going to be implemented. These factors put together can determine whether a project is worth investment or not. The project feasibility study is the most reliable mechanisms that can help donors make the right decision in terms of funding commitment in the context of operation of non-governmental organization.

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  • Organizational Collaboration

Build a Wining Consortium

This platform aims to maximize impact among organizations with similar expertise and areas of operations. It will bring different organizations together around a set of important objectives and issues and create a new consortium to maximize their operational impact. Alternatively, it will help participating organizations to pull their assets, resources and capabilities together to create new values, enhance their opportunities, improve their competitive edge, increase impact and broaden the horizon for their operations. Such modality of networking will also create space for exploration of new business/ideas, improve organizational profile and promote collaboration for like-minded organizations.

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  • Third Party M&E

Promote accountability and improvement

Addressing numerous challenges of today’s project and specific-context, we provide third party M&E services to contribute to quality assurance, and greater impact. Since, the success of a project and sustainability of an organization depend on a credible and authentic M&E.

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