Research & Policy Analysis

We’re a reliable partner to provide an innovative approach to identify the most effective and enduring solutions through using a variety of brand strategies, interactive method, and context-specific services for creating greater impact as following:

We provide in-depth, empirical and first-hand data-driven research and policy analysis to our clients and partners. We apply qualitative, quantitative and research survey methodologies to produce world-class research, meeting the nuanced research and policy needs of diverse organizations, business ventures and enterprises. Our research approach rigorously addresses complex needs and problems that organizational leaders/managers face with.

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  • Research Services

Data Driven Policies

For our clients to thrive, we provide solutions based on reliable evidence and imperially grounded field cases for decision making as following details:

  • Undertake different types of surveys; baseline surveys, mid-line surveys and end-line surveys, survey analysis and survey design developments;
  • Conduct market research for business development;
  • Undertake studies and research on concepts, models and processes of development
  • Conduct studies of organizational development;
  • Generate data-driven development policies and strategies;
  • Provide comparative studies of various policies, issues and problems;
  • Produce targeted research and policy reports, briefings and position papers.
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  • Thematic Research

People-centered development

Our research strategy is to discover and provide robust empirical solutions to complex business problems that evade easy resolutions. Our research is underpinned by innovative methods and high quality that will help organizations, businesses and enterprises to develop the right business product driven by high market demands, to meet the needs of sophisticated clients, and customers. Our research services cover by following key intervention areas:

• Governance and rule of law
• Women empowerment;
• Human Rights
• Gender mainstreaming
• Economic development,
• Post-conflict recovery and peace building
• Minorities rights
• Civil society

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“The team at DELEX is fabulous who can inspire changes and innovation. We help your business realize its full potentials by experts from a different background who challenge you and support you to be extraordinary. And our passion is to turn the tough cases into rewarding transformation”

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